Services & Pricing

Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing goal for drone services in and around Denver is simple – keep it simple. To summarize: $30 per picture, basic retouching included. If you want something other than just photographs, our other services are listed below.

Real Estate / Aerial Photography

$30 per picture you want to keep. I will include basic retouching if requested.

You can observe and help direct the shoot and we’ll go over each of the pictures at the end. If you don’t want any of the pictures, there is zero charge.

Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Other

For services other than photography, please contact us. We’ll work with you on any kind of project you may have. As a starting point for cost estimates, there will be an hourly charge of $150/hour for field data collection, and $100/hour for data processing. A typical session (10 acres or less) will only be an hour for field data collection an hour of data processing.

Larger Sites

We plan to add a fixed wing UAV (think of an RC plane) to our fleet within the next few months for larger sites. The standard-sized multicopter is a great choice for smaller sites up to around 20 acres. For sites larger than that, a battery change will typically be necessary depending on your requested resolution so we recommend a fixed wing vehicle. The fixed wing craft will be able to handle sites up to 100 acres.