Photography, Mapping, and Other Examples

All of the examples on this page were taken by me in the Bakersfield, California area with my quadcopter. I’ll soon be adding the larger maps created by fixed-wing aircraft.

Real Estate Photography

example real estate aerial photography
Example real estate-style aerial photography (yes, we need to water our lawn more)

The house picture above is a demonstration of a simple Bakersfield real estate-style aerial photography. Each picture like this only costs $25, as seen on the Services & Pricing page. It can only take one great photo to sell a house.


Georeferenced orthomosaic comparison to satellite
Georeferenced Orthomosaic of our neighborhood

This example image is a georeferenced orthomosaic file that can be used in many geographical/GIS applications for a variety of purposes. If you are planning a pool or other construction project, having a detailed image of your backyard could make planning very easy. With these kinds of files, you can zoom in to very high levels of detail. In fact, each pixel of this image represents 0.8 inches – compare to the satellite imagery at 12 inches per pixel or greater! I left the original Google Maps imagery surrounding the detailed survey for a visual comparison. Note that I blurred the street name for privacy.


The last image below is the result of a powerful algorithm that takes all the images and combines them to form a digital elevation model (DEM). It is developed from the same exact images as the orthomosaic. You can see the roofs of the houses are highlighted in red and the yards/streets are blue in this example. I’m sure elsewhere in Bakersfield, aerial photography would show some actual elevation change.

survey digital elevation model
Digital elevation model generated of a flat Bakersfield neighborhood


Check back soon for some YouTube videos of Bakersfield destinations – the Bakersfield sign, water raging down the Kern Canyon, sunset at Riverwalk, and some examples of real estate videography.

Instagram Feed

Take a look at the Sierra Sky Tech Instagram feed below! This section shows the four most recent pictures I’ve posted and is regularly updated. If you want to see anything specific, please let me know!