Big News! We have moved to Colorado!

I haven’t spent much time updating this site recently due to some major life changes, primarily moving back to Colorado! I grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and went to college at the Colorado School of Mines, so it feels like moving back home. We are finally getting settled in and I’m starting to direct my free time back towards more productive ventures. I’ve started a job with a radio communication device manufacturing company and plan to see how I can help test their products in aerial applications.

This shot was from a hike ~3 miles from where we live:

a scenic view of the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado
The famous Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado.

The 3DR Solo is still alive and well, and will soon have a little brother – the Mavic Pro. The Mavic is a great blend of portability and capability. There are no shortages of beautiful scenery in Colorado, so I plan to keep it very near by at all times. Sadly, we live within the Broomfield Class C, so it will be a bit until I can get an approved Part 107 Controlled Airspace Waiver.

Until next time!

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